Deep Flow AI

What is Deep Flow?
Deep Flow is our AI generated lyrics tool. It assists our users as they come up with lyrical ideas for their songs.
What does Deep Flow do exactly?
Deep Flow comes up with lyrical words and phrases based on topics, genres, and user input. It’s designed to assist songwriters in completing or starting their own ideas for songs. Important: Deep Flow is for personal use, private use and inspiration only. Commercial use (such as releasing a song commercially with Deep Flow’s lyrics) is NOT allowed.
How does Deep Flow work?

Deep Flow has two modes:

New line and Rewrite.

New line: To generate new ideas, click on the ‘New Suggestions’ button with your cursor at the end of a line, or with the cursor on a new line.

Rewrite: To rephrase an existing line, highlight the words or lines you want to change and hit ‘New Suggestions.’ Please read our Legal section for information of what is and what is not permitted in regards to Deep Flow and Beatopia.

What does the “Rhymes” toggle button do?
Depending on what type of a song you are writing, the rhymes slider will affect whether or not the lyrical ideas rhyme or not. Keep in mind that Deep Flow may try to do that even with the rhymes toggle set to ‘OFF’. It's just how the AI works.
Is there a space where I can save my lyrics?
Yes, anything you write will save right there in your account.
Is there a Beatopia phone app?
No, Beatopia and Deep Flow do not have an app. But the website works great on your phone’s browser like Safari or Google Chrome.