Can I sell my beats on Beatopia?

No, we are not accepting new material at the moment.

Where can I find the producer PRO & Publishing Designee information, if any?

The producer’s PRO/Publishing Designee will be provided on the license given to you. In order to generate the license with all the info, go to the Downloads page of your profile. Each downloaded track will have a 'download' button that offers the option to download a license.

What is a PRO?

A PRO (Performing Rights Organization) is a publishing organization responsible for collecting performance royalties on behalf of songwriters and music publishers.

What is an IPI number and how can I find mine?

An IPI (Interested Party Information) number is an international identification number used to identify songwriters and publishers as rights holders.This number is usually anywhere between 9-11 digits long and is assigned to you by your PRO (Performing Right Organization).

Please note that an IPI number is a separate code from the member ID number or the account number assigned by a PRO.

You can find your IPI number by either logging into your online PRO account, contacting your PRO by phone and/or email, or by performing a search in the public repertoire on the website of your PRO. When searching your name in the public repertoire your unique IPI number will appear next to it.

How does Beatopia track content ID?

Beatopia will not take any content ID profit from legitimate users of Beatopia. We are enrolled in a ‘route for review’ program where we can monitor the usage of our beats.

Does Beatopia take any publishing?

No, Beatopia does not take any publishing, performance, or writer’s share. Publishing is strictly split between the producer and the artists.

What is the publishing split between the artist and producer?

The split between the artist and producer is 50/50 unless otherwise stated in the license.

Who owns the right to the master release?

The master release is owned by both the artist and producer.

What are copyright claims and how can I stay claim-free on Youtube?

These claims are automatically generated when an uploaded video matches another video (or part of another video) in the content ID system. To avoid claims, please make sure you are uploading original content to Youtube.

Is the artist(s) responsible for registering the songs on the PRO?

Yes, the artist is responsible for registering the master tracks’ ‘final product’ to the appropriate PRO.

How Can I Find the BPM and Key of a beat on the site?

When browsing beats, each beat has a small arrow all the way to the right which allows you to see more info. Click on it and you will see the track’s BPM in the collapsed area.

Are the beats exclusive? I found a beat on Beatopia that's also being leased on another website.

That's possible. Around 70% of the beats you hear on Beatopia are exclusive and cannot be found anywhere else. The rest are non-exclusive beats that can sometimes be found elsewhere.

Can other artists/songwriters buy and use the same beat I’ve downloaded?

Yes, all beats on our site are available for all users to be able to download on a non-exclusive basis. Many artists are likely to use each beat.

Can I get access to the stems of a track for mixing, editing, etc?

Yes, when downloading the beat, all of the stems will be made available. You will see this option when hitting the download button.

Is it possible to purchase an exclusive license of a track on Beatopia?

Our model is not optimized or set up yet for buying exclusive licenses. However, in rare cases (such as if a track becomes popular), Beatopia (or the producer that owns the beat) will negotiate an exclusive sale. Tracks typically cost over $3,000 USD. Message us at with the details of which track you wish to purchase.

Am I able to contact the producer for custom changes to a track?

We encourage collaboration so feel free to reach out to producers. You can visit the producer’s page on Beatopia to see their info. In most cases, having the producer involved is not needed, because we provide the stems.

Do I need to credit the producer, and if so how?

Yes! All users agree to credit the producer on the Master Recording in a form similar to what’s listed in Table A included in the license. This includes for the packaging (if any), any “single” embodying the Master Recording, metadata in connection with electronic transmissions, and in all print ads placed or controlled by you of one-half (1/2) page or larger that feature the Master Recording.

You need to credit the producer on Youtube, Soundcloud or IG. You can use ‘Prod. by Producer Name’ on the title or the top of the description of your track.

Where can I find the full license terms? Are there different licenses for certain tracks?

Beatopia has one main license for every track. Our simple licensing policy is what makes us so innovative and easy to use. You can find the license here.

What happens if I get signed to a major label and they want to acquire the song I made with a Beatopia beat?

In this case, Beatopia(or the producer that owns the beat) will need to negotiate an exclusive sale or license with the label.

Does the license have any limitations to the amount of streams and/or sales I receive?

We have a worry-free unlimited license. This means that there are no limitations on the amount of streams and you only need to pay royalties after 50,000 sales (downloads, not streams). The producer may receive performance rights, but these are not paid by you (the artist) but by streaming services, radio stations etc. A small number of our tracks may have a one million stream license (around 1% of tracks only). You can check the unique downloadable license for each track to see if this applies and/ or you can contact us if you reach 1 million streams.