Billing & Account

I’m trying to buy something, but I’m getting a message saying there was a problem loading the payment process.

This may be caused by a plugin on your browser. If you are using a browser plugin (DuckDuckGo, Privacy Badger, etc), try disabling it, or use Private/ Incognito Mode before reloading the page.

Who is the VAT field for? Do I need to enter a VAT number?

The VAT field only applies to EU companies that are VAT registered and have an EU VAT number. Once a valid number has been entered, the applied tax may be removed according to regulations about intra-community transactions. The VAT field should be left blank for anyone outside the European Union (companies and consumers) and also should be left blank for EU consumers and individuals (that are not VAT registered companies).

Do you accept American Express?

Yes, we accept American Express in our regular payment gateway.

What are the available subscription options?

We offer a monthly subscription which allows for 5 beats per month. 

How often will you bill my card? Do you have recurring billing?

Subscribers are charged every 30 days.

How do I change my billing information after I have already subscribed?

If you paid by card, go to the Billing tab in your account where you can Edit your card information.

If I paid with PayPal, how do I change my billing info to a card?

If you paid with PayPal and want to switch to a card (or vice versa), go to the Billing tab and switch Auto-renew to the Off position. When your subscription reaches its end, you will then be able to input new billing information under your user name.

How do I cancel or reactivate a recurring subscription?

When logged into your account, go to your Account section at the top right corner of any page, then choose ‘Billing’ from the dropdown. From the Billing page, you can view the details of your recurring subscription and cancel or reactivate it at any time by clicking the Automatic Renewal button.

I just bought an account and I need an invoice/receipt.

To get your receipt, sign in and go to your Account section at the top right corner of any page. Click on the 'Billing & Invoices' tab. Then click on "Invoices'' where you can view and download a pdf of your receipt. Custom invoices can be requested by emailing